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Once a month amateur classical musicians meet in North London and spend a relaxed afternoon rehearsing orchestral works under the guidance of a professional conductor and two leaders. Playdays are for full orchestra, with our core repertoire based around symphonies, overtures and orchestral suites from classical and romantic composers such as Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven etc.


We enjoy making music together simply for our own pleasure without the pressure of a concert. Sue Hadley Playdays have a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Rather than a give a performance, we end the day with an informal playthrough, occasionally with a few carefully invited friends and family dropping by for a casual listen.


If you enjoy playing and rehearsing but don’t want the pressure of a formal concert, Sue Hadley Playdays are for you. No memberships. Just book and play in as many of our monthly workshops as you wish. Just for fun!

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